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COVID-19 Relief Funds for India

Updated: May 8, 2021

As we are all undoubtedly aware, India is facing a very difficult time due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. With cases still in excess of 3.5 lakhs a day and regrettably, for the first time today, more than 4,000 deaths in one day from Covid, India's second wave is having a devastating effect.

There are shortages of oxygen, hospital beds, medicines, wood for funeral pyres.... we know we cannot fix all these problems and the healthcare system overnight, but we can join hands to pool in and at least try to save a few lives. In our view, no jobs are too small, no money is too less in times of crisis. One of the Hindu Community of Gibraltar's objectives is to arrange community service or charity projects to promote the spirit of giving in our neighboring communities and our motherland.

To this end, the Hindu Community of Gibraltar has been exploring options and we have joined hands with Khalsa Aid International UK to raise funds in order to provide aid to India. Khalsa Aid International is a UK-based humanitarian relief charity (Registered Charity Number: 1163294) providing support around the world to victims of natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, famine and war. In particular, we are donating all funds raised to their India Covid Relief efforts ( All donations will go to worthy causes such as the purchase of oxygen cylinders, medication, etc.

All donations can be made via JustGiving. The link is:

Please click on the link above and donate generously. Even a small amount. Every tiny drop helps!

Please circulate among your friends and family and on social media.

Remember no one is safe until all of us are safe

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