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Historical Background

A significant number of Hindus in Gibraltar are Sindhis  belonging to a specific sect of  Hinduism. Sindhi culture is commonly referred to as Sindhiyat.  It primarily incorporates the worship of important Hindu deities such as Shiva, The Mother Goddess (who takes many forms such as Adi Parashakti, the Divine Mother) but also deities associated with the Indus Valley where the Sindh region is located and where Sindhi culture primarily developed (Thakur, 1997: 71). Our belief system also incorporates elements of Sikhism (ibid).

Indians, came as merchants to Gibraltar after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1870; many others migrated as workers after the closure of the frontier with Spain in 1969, and many more migrated since the boom of gaming industry.


In 1945, Hindu Merchants' Association was setup to support the migrant Indian merchants, which was later dissolved in 2012 to form the Hindu community of Gibraltar that helps and supports a wider group of the community residing on the rock. HCG committee is formed by nominations during the annual general meeting (AGM) each year where candidates are nominated by the community members.

The objective of Hindu Community of Gibraltar is:

(i)    to promote a Hindu social and cultural understanding and where appropriate, to organise social and/or cultural events for members and/or the general public for this purpose.
(ii)   to participate in charitable causes and to make donations towards any charitable or humanitarian causes.

(iii)   to oppose legislative and other measures injurious to, and to promote legislation beneficial to the trade of, members and, to call attention to the effect of any taxes or tariffs which may be imposed either at home or abroad which may affect the trade of the members.
(iv)   to petition Her Majesty, His Excellency the Governor, Parliament and all other persons, corporations, authorities and/or Ministries as may be necessary in the defense of the interests of the members.
(v)   to consider and discuss all questions affecting the interests of the Association or its members or the alteration or administration of the law and to take such steps and to do and carry out or assist in doing or carrying out all such matters and things as are likely to promote or protect the interests of the members in relation thereto.

Following are the committee members elected for the year 2019/2020 

To move forward, we have to give back - Oprah Winfrey

Our Mission

To help facilitate the cultural and community needs of Indians living in Gibraltar.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We help organize social, cultural, and religious events celebrating Hindu festivals and holidays


We arrange community service or charity projects to promote the spirit of Giving In our neighboring communities

We'd love to see you if you'd like to help or volunteer!

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